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Physical Attractiveness and Dental Lasers

One of the fastest growing industries in the world is facial esthetics.    In 1985 Dr.Gordon Patzer published the “Physical Attractiveness Phenomena “   defined as “the collective realities of Physical Attractiveness – tends to be complex , powerful and pervasive , discomforting and seminal unfair , and despite different  notions of physical attractiveness , […]

“Dr.Acula’s Facial tm” – Laser and PRF Facial Rejuvenation

Starting in our 30s, we begin lose volume in our face—under our eyes, in our cheeks and around our mouths. Later on, in our 40s and 50s and beyond , our skin and muscles start to stretch and sag from loss of collagen and elastin that continues as we age . To stimulate collagen production, […]


     We would like to officially introduce PERFORMLASEâ„  . PERFORMLASEâ„  uses the time tested abilities of the Fotona™ Lightwalker Erbium laser. Gentle laser light energy  is used in a non-surgically manner, to help shrink tissue and open constricted upper airways.  No injections or anesthetic are needed and there is no down time      PERFORMLASEâ„  was […]

Halitosis or Chronic bad breath and how to treat it .

About 4o million Americans have chronic bad breath or “Halitosis” .Many of the over the counter products are ineffective because they only mask the problem . Bad breath may be caused by diet , poor oral hygiene , sinus issues , dry mouth and more . About 90% of chronic bad breath is of oral […]

Dr.Shiffman gets interviewed by Howard Farran of DentalTown

Watch this video where Dr.Shiffman gets interviewed by Dr.Howard Farran of DentalTown on the topic of lasers in Dentistry . Dr.Shiffman is a key opinion leader in the field and has been using hard and soft tissue dental lasers for 18 years to improve out patients dental experiences .  Any questions feel free to […]

Expanded Aesthetic Services For Our Patients

Facial aesthetics is important to everyone . Once we pass our 3rd decade of life our body loses ten percent of our new collagen production per decade . Collagen helps maintain our skins moisture, elasticity and resistance to sagging and wrinking . Aging skin gets dry , discolored and saggy . Several weeks ago we […]

Liplase – Gentle laser lip rejuvenation

Did you know thinning, wrinkled lips can be one of the biggest indicators of old age ? But before you consider any expensive , invasive procedures there’s few things to know… Lip Fillers only last 4-6 months at the most and each session can cost from $600- $2000 and if they are overfilled they can […]