Laser Dentistry: Transforming Dental Care

What is laser dentistry?

Gone are the days when dental procedures were synonymous with anxiety, discomfort, and lengthy recovery times. The dawn of laser dentistry has ushered in a revolutionary era, offering a minimally invasive alternative that promises not only to alleviate the dread associated with dental visits but also to enhance procedural outcomes and patient comfort. At the forefront of this transformation is Boynton Laser Dental Center, where cutting-edge technology meets unparalleled expertise to redefine dental care.

Understanding Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry employs focused light beams for precise dental work. These lasers can treat both soft and hard tissues, offering a level of precision previously unimaginable. By using light energy, we can target treatment areas with minimal impact on surrounding tissues.

The Evolution of Dental Care: 

Benefits of Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry stands out for its numerous patient-centric benefits, setting a new standard for dental care. The technology’s precision significantly reduces costs by minimizing swelling, bleeding, and discomfort, thereby lessening the need for anesthesia and follow-up visits. More complex procedures, traditionally requiring hospitalization, are now safely conducted as in-office outpatient services. Additionally, laser dentistry’s ability to neutralize bacteria and toxins not only improves surgical outcomes but also drastically reduces recovery times.


Common Procedures Enhanced by Laser Technology

The versatility of laser technology extends across a wide array of dental procedures, including but not limited to:

  • Removal of Lesions or Tumors: Lasers offer a quick, painless solution for treating cold sores, canker sores, and benign mouth tumors, simplifying the biopsy process for suspected malignant tumors.
  • Tooth Decay Treatment: Early decay detection and minimally invasive cavity filling become streamlined with laser technology.
  • Gum Disease Management: Lasers efficiently eliminate bacteria and reshape gums, enhancing both health and aesthetics.
  • Cosmetic Dentistry: From accelerating teeth whitening to evening out gum lines, lasers provide significant cosmetic improvements.
  • TMJ Syndrome Relief: Lasers effectively reduce inflammation and pain associated with TMJ disorders.
  • Tissue and Nerve Treatments: Addressing issues like overgrown tissues or limited tongue movement, lasers offer a breadth of solutions for soft tissue and nerve-related conditions.


Understanding How Laser Dentistry Works

Laser dentistry operates on the principle of using focused light beams for precise and targeted dental work. This technology can differentiate between decayed and healthy tissues, allowing for exact removal of decay, sterilization of the area, and promotion of tissue regrowth. The innovative use of multi-wavelength lasers ensures minimal discomfort, making dental procedures more palatable for patients of all ages.

The Pioneering Role of Boynton Laser Dental Center

Under the guidance of Dr. Harvey Shiffman, Boynton Laser Dental Center has emerged as a leader in laser dentistry. With a Fellowship in the Academy of Laser Dentistry and certification in all three laser systems approved for dental use, Dr. Shiffman’s commitment to leveraging technology for patient benefit is evident. The center’s dedication to minimizing discomfort while maximizing outcomes has solidified its reputation as a beacon of innovation in dental care.

Specialization in Fotona Lasers

At Boynton Laser Dental, our expertise with Fotona lasers sets us apart. Fotona’s dental lasers are at the forefront of hard-tissue drilling technologies, offering unparalleled precision and gentleness. The patented VSP (Variable Square Pulse) Er:YAG technology allows for exact ablation of enamel and dentin, preserving the surrounding healthy tooth structure without excessive heating.

Fotona lasers streamline procedures like never before. Their minimally invasive nature reduces the need for anesthesia, speeding up treatments and enhancing patient comfort. The LightWalker® system, a highlight of Fotona’s range, is tailored for both hard and soft tissue work, ensuring fast, effective, and minimally invasive treatments.

The superior clinical results speak for themselves. Fotona lasers enable the removal of carious tissue with precision, preserving more healthy dentin. The technology ensures clean surfaces for higher bonding strength, eliminating the need for acid etching. Especially noteworthy in pediatric dentistry, the LightWalker laser minimizes the discomfort typically associated with dental procedures, thanks to its quiet, vibration-free operation.

With Fotona’s LightWalker AT system, equipped with QSP technology, we achieve faster, more efficient, and precise ablations, preserving maximum tooth structure. This commitment to advanced technology ensures our patients receive the best possible care with optimal outcomes.

Our specialization in Fotona lasers, particularly the LightWalker series, underscores our commitment to providing state-of-the-art dental care. This technology enhances our ability to offer fast, effective, and comfortable treatments, ensuring the best possible experience for our patients.



  • How does laser dentistry reduce pain? Lasers can numb the area being treated, reducing or eliminating the need for traditional anesthesia.
  • Is laser dentistry safe? Absolutely. With rigorous safety protocols, including protective eyewear and specialized training for our team, laser dentistry is extremely safe.
  • What makes Fotona lasers special? Fotona lasers are among the most advanced in the field, offering unparalleled precision and versatility for a wide range of dental procedures.

Why Choose Boynton Laser Dental

Our commitment to cutting-edge technology, like the Fotona laser system, and patient-centered care sets us apart. Discover how laser dentistry can transform your dental experience with us.

Laser dentistry offers a future of dental care that’s here today. Contact Boynton Laser Dental to explore how this exciting technology can benefit you, ensuring a smoother, more comfortable dental journey.