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Harvey S. Shiffman, DDS

Dr. Harvey Shiffman is a distinguished figure in laser dentistry, with over two decades of experience in leveraging laser technology for dental and facial aesthetic treatments. A Georgetown University alumnus, he has significantly contributed to the field through his development of innovative treatments like Smoothlase™, Liplase™, Necklase™, and Performlase™. Renowned for his expertise, Dr. Shiffman has trained hundreds of dentists and medical professionals in various laser protocols. He holds a fellowship from the Academy of Laser Dentistry and is a certified provider for craniofacial growth and TMJ facial pain management.

Revolutionary Treatments


This innovative treatment tightens throat tissues by stimulating collagen production, enhancing airflow, and reducing airway obstruction, resulting in improved sleep quality and reduced snoring.

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Harvey S. Shiffman, DDS

As a skilled laser dentist with over 20 years of experience working with laser technology, Dr. Shiffman is a preeminent provider of both dental and facial aesthetic treatments.
Serving as both an ACT lecturer and trainer for Fotona Laser, Dr. Shiffman has proudly trained hundreds of dentists and medical professionals in various laser protocols. 
Dr. Shiffman is widely known for his development of the revolutionary treatments:  Smoothlase™, Liplase™, Necklase™, and Performlase™


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Austin Sonsky
Austin Sonsky
Great care at Dr Shiffman’s office as usual.
Richard Berins
Richard Berins
Dr Shiffman and Assistant Ivy, did a great job. The staff is always pleasant and helpful. I highly recommend them.
Roger. Hawkins
Roger. Hawkins
Always a great experience…I have been a patient of Dr. Shiffman’s for years and even though I now live in Port St. Lucie, I travel to Boynton to see him and his staff. They are the best!
Gabe Jackson
Gabe Jackson
Dr.Shiffman and his team are great at what they do, friendly and easy to work with.
Laura Perry
Laura Perry
Dr Shiffman and his staff are great. He worked me into his already tight schedule when I had an urgent issue. All treatment options are explained in advance and he does not use any pressure tactics like has been my experience at other places. So glad he is my dentist. 11 Jan 2024: I started seeing Dr Shiffman just about 3 years ago. My teeth were a mess. He told me then that they didn't get that way overnight and would be fixed overnight either. Here we are three years later and my best checkup by a dentist and his hygienist since I can remember. He motivated me to begin flossing, which has made a huge difference. Others have tried but he has taken his time with me and explained things in a way no one else has done. I highly recommend this practice.
The office personnel and my Dentist are all prompt, patient, and professional in every way, especially for the value I get !!!!!
Laura Robinson
Laura Robinson
I used to HATE going to the dentist and 22 years ago I found Dr. Shiffman and Boynton Laser Dental! Super dentist and a wonderful caring staff. I highly recommend!
Margo Meissner Bielski
Margo Meissner Bielski
Im so fortunate to have found( upon recommendation by my NY dentist) an excellent, hi tech dentist in Boyton Beach. I’ve been seeing Dr Shiffman for almost 8 years and find him to be an excellent dentist with high integrity, only recommending intervention when absolutely appropriate. The office is well staffed and never any wait! I strongly recommend this office for maintenance and treatment.
Jason Demchok
Jason Demchok
Dr. Shiffman is a dentist 20 years in future. He’s as much of a Scientist as he is a Dentist, constantly researching and experimenting with the latest technology to get better and lasting results for his patients. When I talk to other holistic dentists, everyone knows Dr. Shiffman as the world’s leader in laser therapy. He and Heidi used lasers to painlessly remove my tongue tie, followed by using the ALF Appliance and Myofunctional Therapy. This allowed my tongue to properly rest inside the roof of my mouth and opened up my airways significantly. As a result I can breathe much more efficiently, sleep better, run long distances without losing breath, speak clearer, improved posture and facial structure, and expanded my palate. Wherever you are in the world, it’s worth making a trip to Dr. Shiffman for him to show treatment methods that most dentists have never heard of.

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Our insurance specialists deal directly with your insurance providers.

At Boynton Laser Dental & Wellness Center, we strive to make dental care accessible and affordable. Understanding your insurance benefits is our first step, allowing us to provide you with an accurate coverage estimate and a plan that minimizes your out-of-pocket expenses. We handle insurance claims on your behalf, ensuring a hassle-free process.

Though most insurance plans cover preventative and restorative care, cosmetic procedures are generally not included. To accommodate all your dental needs, we offer various payment options for services not covered by insurance or exceeding your plan’s benefits. These include cash, checks, money orders, and major credit cards. Additionally, we provide flexible, interest-free installment plans through Care Credit and Lending Club, making necessary treatments immediately accessible without financial strain.

We accept most major PPO insurances but do not accept HMO plans or Medicare/Medicaid. For a complete list of accepted insurance providers or any insurance-related inquiries, please contact our office. Our team is ready to assist with eligibility checks, coverage details, and any other questions you might have

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