Millions of people wear partial dentures and most people never even notice. In fact, the only people who notice are other people who wear partial dentures.

Benefits of Partial Dentures

Partial dentures will make you look more appealing. Not only do they give you a full set of fresh teeth, they also support your jaw and cheeks in a way that makes you look younger. Speaking can be difficult with missing teeth. Dentures solve that problem. It is also easier to eat solid foods with a full set of teeth, too. It is really important not to leave the gaps as they are because often the remaining teeth start to grow or lean into the empty space. This can ruin your bite and give you a very unsightly appearance. Those teeth will be harder to clean and will leave you open to gingivitis and eventually periodontitis.

Wearing Partial Dentures

Removable sets of partial dentures are made from acrylic and they are sometimes fitted with a metal frame. Usually there will be some kind of loop that connects to a tooth to keep the dentures in place. The dentist might also put in a dental crown on one or more of your teeth. Crowns can connect with dentures to make them fit extremely well and keeps them looking natural.

Getting Accustomed to Partial Dentures

At first, putting the dentures in might feel strange. It can take a few weeks to get used to them. Make sure to never try to set them by clenching your teeth, as that could damage them or even harm your teeth. Sometimes the dentist will have a follow-up appointment to check your mouth for abrasions and to make sure that the dentures fit properly.

Partial dentures are not meant to be worn all day and night. Usually people take them out when they go to sleep. It is important to take them out daily so that your mouth can produce saliva and rest.

Eating with Partial Dentures

Wearing partial dentures makes eating much less of an ordeal. There are some tricks to be learned. When you first get your dentures, you should not eat hard or tough foods and you should consume things that are cut up into small chunks. You should use both sides of your mouth to keep your dentures where they are supposed to be. You won’t be able to chew gum. Gum and dentures don’t mix!


You will need to keep your dentures in good shape. Remember that they will break, so you need to handle them gently. You should clean them each day with a brush and denture cleaning solution. Make sure that your toothbrush does not have hard bristles and don’t use toothpaste! Toothpaste can damage the material of your dentures. At night, your dentures should rest in a cup with cleanser in it. The best cleansers are ones with the American Dental Association seal on them.

Don’t forget to brush your other teeth, too. You should brush three times a day and floss at least once. Cleaning certain teeth are extremely important. Your dentist will instruct you on that, as certain “anchor” teeth can build up plaque in ways you might not suspect.


If you have your dentures for years, you will probably need to get them adjusted or replaced. Many people find that their jawbone shrinks as they age, which will change the fit of your dentures.

You should not try to adjust them yourself, as they are fragile and you could inadvertently injure your mouth. Definitely don’t use glue for repairs. Glue can be very harmful and even toxic to have in your mouth for any length of time.

If your partial dentures crack or come apart, make a dental appointment right away. If you end up with tooth damage or if you lose another tooth, you will need to go in and get a new set or an adjustment of the set you currently have. A lot of times, a dentist can make the repairs on the same day that they got damaged.

Partial Dentures in Boynton Beach, Florida

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