ALF and Myobrace: Holistic Approaches to Orthodontics


ALF (Advanced Lightwire Functional) Appliances

ALF isn’t just an orthodontic treatment; it’s a comprehensive health approach, targeting more than just teeth alignment. This method uses light, flexible wires to address not only the cosmetic aspect of straightening teeth but also the functional and developmental facets of oral health. It considers factors such as cranial structure, breathing habits, and overall posture, aiming to correct underlying issues that contribute to misalignment.

Advantages of ALF Treatment:

  • Minimally painful, with a focus on overall facial development
  • Removable and cosmetically discreet
  • Addresses airway health, potentially reducing snoring and sleep apnea risks
  • Encourages natural cranial and jaw development, aligned with cranial osteopathy principles



Myobrace focuses on correcting poor oral habits that can lead to dental issues. It’s a preventative approach, ensuring the jaws develop properly to accommodate all teeth, promoting correct tongue position, and helping to optimize facial growth.

How They Work Together:

ALF and Myobrace appliances can be used in conjunction, especially in children, to ensure a comprehensive approach to dental alignment and facial development. These appliances are tailored to individual needs, often resulting in improved oral health, breathing, and even postural benefits. Treatment times vary, and oral hygiene is paramount during use. The holistic approach may include working with various therapists to ensure the best outcomes.

Boynton Laser Dental & Wellness Center integrates these advanced orthodontic options to help patients achieve not only a beautiful smile but also enhanced overall health and well-being.