Cosmetic Dentist Boynton Beach

Cosmetic Dentistry is very fulfilling to us because we can dramatically change a persons life by changing their smile and appearance.  Options include:

Tooth Whitening with either the Zoom Whitening system which is done in the office in less then two hours, Laser Assisted Office Whitening, or at home tray whitening.

Porcelain Veneers are custom made thin layers of porcelain that are bonded directly to the teeth. Some grinding may or may not be involved depending on the color and size or positional changes needed, and this usually doesn’t involve any injections.

Porcelain onlays, inlays and crowns are metal free restorations that are made in the laboratory and restore the shape and function of teeth that have large metal fillings without using any toxic materials.

Resin bonded restorations are “fillings” that match the color of your teeth without containing any metal or toxic mercury.

Options in treatment will vary depending on the patients needs and we will always discuss the costs, options and time necessary before any treatment is performed.

Ask us about “Smoothlase” non- surgical, non-invasive procedure for facial rejuvenation all done from inside the mouth.!
Some examples of before and after smile makeovers
SD b4 and after close MS b4 after EB b4 after
veneers 2 b4 after lk veneers 3 b4 after SL veneers b4 after jg

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