Naselase: Breathe Easier with Advanced Laser Therapy

Boynton Laser Dental & Wellness Center is proud to present Naselase, an innovative member of the NightLase family of laser therapies. Naselase is a non-invasive treatment designed to strengthen and support the nostrils, which may otherwise collapse due to factors like weak cartilage, prior nasal surgery, trauma, or sometimes without any clear cause.

Collapsed nostrils can be the starting point for restricted airflow, leading to mouth-breathing, increased respiratory effort, and a higher risk of sleep apnea. Naselase works to firm the nostrils, ensuring the airway remains open, which is crucial for proper nasal breathing and overall respiratory health.


Typically performed alongside NightLase therapy, Naselase offers a holistic approach to improving your nighttime breathing and sleep quality. Experience the benefits of a clear airway with lasting results and minimal maintenance.

For those seeking relief from nasal congestion and its consequences, schedule your Naselase consultation at Boynton Laser Dental & Wellness Center today and take the first step towards uninterrupted, restful sleep and revitalized days. Call (561) 737-6400 now to book your appointment.

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