If you no longer want to have to avoid showing other people your teeth, however, there is something you can do to take action. You can look for a reputable dental clinic that focuses on high-quality teeth whitening treatment. Teeth whitening procedures can do wonders for people who want to achieve smiles that are beautifully white and sparkling. If you want a smile that’s gleaming white, you should research your options in teeth whitening treatments right away.

Teeth Whitening Treatment at Boynton Laser Dental Center

If you reside in or around the Boynton Beach, Florida area, you’re in luck. Boynton Laser Dental Center is a highly regarded practice that specializes in teeth whitening procedures. People who want to say farewell to tooth discoloration can count on our office completely. We’re a distinguished dental office that offers patients many excellent choices in treatments. We have patients who come to us for laser dentistry, preventive dentistry, temporomandibular joint disorder assistance, sleep apnea management, restorative dentistry, cosmetic dentistry and more. We have many patients who depend on us for their basic dental care needs. If you’re searching for a qualified and experienced Boynton Beach dentist who can handle your standard oral health requirements, Boynton Laser Dental Center could be the solution. Dr. Harvey Shiffman is at the helm of our airy, meticulously tidy and cheerful office.

Why Many People Have Discoloration of the Teeth

Many things can cause tooth discoloration in people. If your teeth are no longer fresh and white in appearance, simple aging could be to blame. When people get older, dentin begins to emerge. This tissue has a yellow color that’s often easy to spot. Lifestyle is also frequently responsible for tooth discoloration. If you have a habit of using tobacco, the chemicals in it may be the culprits behind your teeth color woes. Nicotine and tar are both capable of staining the teeth. Drinking habits can bring on lingering discoloration, too. People who take in a lot of red wine, tea, cola and coffee often experience significant tooth discoloration. That’s because these beverages have strong color pigments that are known as “chromogens.” These substances cling to enamel. A couple other things that can lead to tooth discoloration are medication use and mouth injuries. Various antihistamines can trigger darkening of the teeth. The same goes for various antipsychotics. Medicine that is used to treat hypertension (high blood pressure) can sometimes bring on tooth discoloration as well.

The Ins and Outs of Teeth Whitening Treatment

Teeth whitening treatment is in no way, shape or form a difficult procedure. Whitening formulas consist of bleaches such as carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide. These teeth bleaches have the ability to deconstruct stains and turn them into reduced fragments. This action minimizes color concentration. It, because of that, leads to teeth that look markedly brighter and whiter. If you’re trying to find the most trustworthy chairside bleaching treatment in Boynton Beach, there’s no better choice than to get in contact with Boynton Laser Dental Center. We can provide you with teeth whitening treatment that’s efficient, speedy and effective. Before we start whitening your teeth, we’ll prepare them with the use of a rubber shield or gel. We’ll then put tooth bleach on. We occasionally employ lasers or lights that can strengthen the whitening process as well.

A Knowledgeable and Focused Team of Professionals

People can always feel peace of mind when they visit Boynton Laser Dental Center. If you have any concerns regarding teeth whitening treatment, all you have to do is voice them to our patient, helpful and amiable team members. They can give you all of the information you need in order to make an educated and strong choice. Patients trust Boynton Laser Dental Center for many diverse and varied reasons. They appreciate us for our:

  • Significant cosmetic dentistry expertise.
  • Strong commitment to patient satisfaction.
  • Personalized care.
  • Plentiful teeth whitening choices.
  • Gentle office laser whitening treatment that takes one hour.
  • Customized trays that are suitable for home whitening purposes.

If you want teeth whitening treatment from a Boynton Beach dental practice that genuinely cares about your happiness, health and well-being, Boynton Laser Dental Center should always be your top pick. If you want teeth whitening treatment that’s individualized, comprehensive and focused, our office should be your go-to destination as well. Our goal here is to always give our patients 100 percent. That’s because that’s what they deserve. Contact us today to reserve an appointment for our first-rate teeth whitening treatment. You can reach our practice by telephone or email.