PERFORMLASE™: A Revolutionary Approach to Enhanced Breathing and Athletic Performance


The Challenge: Restricted Breathing and Athletic Limitations

Many athletes and individuals suffer from restricted nasal and upper airway breathing, which can significantly impact performance, recovery, and overall well-being. Traditional methods to address these issues often involve invasive procedures, downtime, and discomfort, leaving many in search of a more effective, non-invasive solution.

The Breakthrough: PERFORMLASE™ with Fotona™ Lightwalker Erbium Laser Technology

We’re excited to officially introduce PERFORMLASE™, a cutting-edge treatment utilizing the time-tested Fotona™ Lightwalker Erbium laser. This innovative approach uses gentle laser light energy in a non-surgical manner to help shrink tissue and open constricted upper airways, improving nasal and upper airway respiratory flow without the need for injections, anesthesia, or downtime.

The Solution: Natural Enhancement for Sports Performance and Breathing

Developed as a natural sports performance enhancer for cardio-intensive sports and athletics, PERFORMLASE™ offers a significant improvement in breathing efficiency. This technology, first used in the U.S. at our Boynton Laser Dental Center since 2012 and in use in Europe, South America, and Canada since 2010, has helped countless recipients experience a remarkable enhancement in nasal and upper airway respiratory flow.


Immediate Benefits and Long-Term Advantages

  • Immediate Improvement in Nasal Breathing: Patients report significant improvement in nasal breathing almost immediately after therapy.
  • Enhanced Oxygen Delivery: Efficient nasal breathing allows for smoother air passage, filtering, and moistening of the air, leading to increased oxygen delivery to active tissues.
  • Optimized Athletic Performance: Breathing through the nose releases nitric oxide, essential for increasing CO2 in the blood, which in turn, enhances oxygen release to cells, reducing fatigue and stress.
  • Supports Rest and Recovery: Nasal breathing activates the nervous system’s rest, recovery, and digestion aspects, offering a sense of calm even during high-intensity activities.

Join the Forefront of Athletic Excellence

At Boynton Laser Dental Center, located conveniently in Boynton Beach, Florida, and accessible from surrounding areas, we are pioneering the use of PERFORMLASE™ in collaboration with sports medicine research partners. We are at the exciting proof of concept stage in our testing, with seven years of positive feedback from our patients on the significant improvements in their breathing and overall quality of life.


Ready to Transform Your Performance and Well-Being?

Discover the power of PERFORMLASE™ and how it can unlock your potential for greater athletic performance and enhanced daily living. Schedule a consultation with us today and take the first step towards optimized breathing and health.

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Don’t let restricted breathing hold you back. With PERFORMLASE™, experience the breakthrough you deserve and achieve new heights in your athletic and personal endeavors.