You can trust the professional dentists at Boynton Laser Dental to help you with routine periodontal maintenance. This will effectively move you towards a positive oral health that will allow you to keep your teeth as long as possible.

Basis Behind Periodontal Maintenance

There are a host of periodontal diseases that affect the mouth. Each is basically an infection that can take over the gums. If left untreated, this will over time destroy the support mechanism that promotes healthy and naturally functioning teeth. One of the main factors leading to onset of gum disease is a proliferation of untreated dental plaque. This builds up over time and must be taken care of in order to prevent periodontal disease.

In addition, it is important to keep in mind that some individuals are genetically prone to developing gum related problems, making periodontal maintenance even more important. It is certainly helpful to engage in daily brushing and flossing activities, as this will prevent many forms of gum disease. At the same time, it has proven extremely beneficial to visit your local dentist one to times a year to get rid of the underlying plaque that seeks to wreak havoc on your gums.

The Importance of Oral Hygiene

Children grow up hearing all the time how important it is to brush their teeth, but the reasons behind this are often forgotten. History has now revealed to us adults over the age of 35 tend to lose more of their teeth to gum related diseases than they do from cavities. It is estimated that roughly this affects 75 percent of adults at one point or another during their lifetime. The simple matter of the fact is that the admonishment we received as children to brush our teeth daily is the single best way to prevent these episodes from happening later in life.

It is known that periodontal disease, and the corresponding decay that occurs as a result, it caused by various forms of bacterial plaque. Oral hygiene is so important because this colorless film ends up sticking to your teeth right the gum line in your mouth. Plaque actually never stops trying to form on your teeth and gums, so the only way to get of it are through regular brushing and visits to your local dentist.

Other Lifestyle Factors That Necessitate Periodontal Maintenance

Beyond plaque, there are various other factors that combine to affect the overall health of your gum. These typical risk factors include:

  • Poor nutritional habits
  • Certain types of medication
  • Smoking
  • Type I and Type II Diabetes
  • Stress related activities
  • Continual clenching and grinding of the teeth

While everyone can benefit from regular visits to the dentist, individuals that have one or more of these risk factors present should pay particular concern. Brushing and flossing can only accomplish so much. Your local dentist has the tools and the expertise to giver you mouth and gums a deeper clean. This will eliminate more plaque than by brushing alone, and restore your oral health.

Periodontal Disease and How To Prevent It

Various types of bacteria, toxins, and poisons can combine to irritate your gums. This part of your mouth can only withstand so much before it will start to weaken and adversely affect your teeth. Eventually, the gums will begin to separate from your teeth if this is left unchecked. This will result in spacing between your teeth that can be quite painful, and eventually the bone structure in your mouth will begin to deteriorate. If you do not have regular checkups to guard against this, tooth loss will almost certainly ensue.

To ward off gum disease, adopt the habit of daily brushing and flossing. Beyond this, regular professional oral examinations and teeth cleanings should be a part your annual health maintenance routine. This will help prevent tooth loss, minimize mouth pain later in life, and lead to a high quality of life as you age.

If you already have periodontal disease, you will want to contact the professional team at Boynton Laser Dental to assist you. Talk to them today to schedule your next examination and cleaning. Regular periodontal maintenance is essential to your oral health.