Lasers and Dental Care

Lasers have many uses in our daily lives , most of them we are not even aware of . Store scanners , DVD players , measuring devices and in healthcare . Dr.Shiffman has been using dental lasers in his dental practice in Boynton Beach , Florida for 18 years . From fillings to treating gum disease , surgeries , TMJ and facial pain and so much more . We use lasers to disinfect cavities and wounds , stimulate healing and rejuvenate your skin and lips . Laser energy is just condensed light energy . Photons of light energy , focused of a particular wavelength ( color ) and all moving together . This changes it from gentle light to a powerful tool .Recent research has shown that one way that our cells communicate is with light energy . We have been amazed by the healing power of laser light . If you would like to learn more about how laser dentistry can change your health and dental experience , feel free to contact us .
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