Halitosis or Chronic bad breath and how to treat it .

About 4o million Americans have chronic bad breath or “Halitosis” .Many of the over the counter products are ineffective because they only mask the problem .

Bad breath may be caused by diet , poor oral hygiene , sinus issues , dry mouth and more . About 90% of chronic bad breath is of oral origin , or from the mouth . Periodontal (gum ) disease is a major cause and with the recent connections to dementia and other inflammatory diseases needs immediate attention . Bad breath may be caused by dead or dying bacterial on the back of the tongue which respond well to tongue scrapers . Certain bacteria produce sulfur compounds and are typically located at the most posterior part of the tongue . We have found that most Halitosis responds well to a combination of tongue scrapers , oral probiotics , supportive toothpastes and mouth washes containing zinc chloride or chlorine dioxide and laser therapy . A combination of two wavelengths of laser are used to reduce the bacteria and then periodic maintenance afterwards to control the bacteria . The gentle laser light is very natural and green and also helps the bodies natural immune system to control the bacteria .

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