Expanded Aesthetic Services For Our Patients

Facial aesthetics is important to everyone . Once we pass our 3rd decade of life our body loses ten percent of our new collagen production per decade . Collagen helps maintain our skins moisture, elasticity and resistance to sagging and wrinking . Aging skin gets dry , discolored and saggy .

Several weeks ago we took delivery of our new Fotona SP Dynamis laser . This machine will allow us to offer an even broader list of Facial and Neck Aesthetic Services . These will include , but not be limited to facial rejuvenation using stem cells and growth factors from the patients own blood “Dr.Acula’s Facial ” . The Fotona 4D , Tightsculpting and Smoothlase intraoral rejuvenaton for the face and neck wrinkles . Liplase for lip rejuvenation and plumping and balance . Facial spider vein removal, facial hair removal and so much more .

The amount of down time (redness and or peeling ) is customized for each patients lifestyle . Prevention of wrinkles and sagging of skin with laser therapy is also available .

All of these procedures are virtually painless , needing just topical anesthetic if even necessary . Call us today for a complementary aesthetic consultation . 561 737-6400

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