Liplase – Gentle laser lip rejuvenation

Did you know thinning, wrinkled lips can be one of the biggest indicators of old age ?
But before you consider any expensive , invasive procedures there’s few things to know…
Lip Fillers only last 4-6 months at the most and each session can cost from $600- $2000 and if they are overfilled they can be difficult to fix.
A more inexpensive , natural solution to all of this is “LIPLASE” . Dr Shiffman is one of the primary developers of the procedure . Using gentle laser light , we are able to stimulate your own natural collagen production .
The result is younger looking, fuller , more natural looking lips . We can customize the shape, fullness , correct defects and imbalances and more . Call today for a complementary aesthetic consultation. 561-737-6400

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