The Oral Systemic Connection

The chronic inflammatory processes associated with “Gum Disease” can lead to chronic inflammation in other parts of your body . The health of your mouth plays a significant role in your overall health , and many patients do not realize this .
Bleeding and infected gums are an “ open wound “ and therefore create an open communication to the rest of your body’s circulation . This is now referred to as the “oral systemic connection “ , whereby areas distant to the oral infection may be affected such as heart vessels, valves and even heart muscle .
Reviews of the scientific literature show more and more publications that are showing that oral inflammation is much more dangerous then has been recognized in the past.
Known risk factors associated with gum disease include :
Heart Disease
Pancreatic Cancer
Low Birth Weight Babies
It is our practices philosophy that our patients deserve the very best that current science has to offer them , whether it is laser technology , green digital low dose x rays or digital scanners or non-surgical periodontal treatment . We believe that our patients want to be an active part of their personal health and wellness in conjunction with our dental team .
Consolidating all the open “wounds” associated with gum disease would total about a two inch circle like in the accompanying image . None of us would intentionally ignore a wound of this size , and thus periodontal disease (gum disease ) should not be ignored .

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