Natural Facial Rejuvenation Using laser and PRF

There are many environmental and lifestyle factors that affect how our skin ages . As we get older , our skin slows down or even stops producing collagen and elastin . These proteins are essential for maintaining tissue moisture , elasticity , and tone , all which contribute to healthy firm skin and resistance to sagging and wrinkle formation . Smoking , excessive sun exposure and dietary toxins all contribute to this breakdown . Lasers can stimulate collagen and elastin formation and help restore and even prevent skin breakdown . PRF (platelet rich fibrin ) contains many of the factors that our body uses to heal itself . By concentrating these factors and combining them with laser surface treatment we can stimulate healing and rejuvenation of the skin .
After many years of experience in laser rejuvenation and PRF use, we are well known as the pioneers of the “Dr.Acula ” procedure that combines the benefits of PRF with that of laser facial rejuvenation .
The procedure takes about an hour , we will apply a topical anesthetic to your skin and draw your blood . The blood samples will be spun in a centrifuge here in our office and the liquid PRF removed . Dr.Shiffman will treat your face with the Fotona Lightwalker Erbium laser , and then apply the PRF as a mask . You will feel and see the results as your skin feels tighter and more supple . Depending or the severity of your wrinkles and sagging , you may need several treatments or even injections of the PRF to correct severe defects . Each patients treatment plan is created individually with Dr.Shiffman to address the results desired and the possible down time .

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