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Natural Facial Rejuvenation Using laser and PRF

There are many environmental and lifestyle factors that affect how our skin ages . As we get older , our skin slows down or even stops producing collagen and elastin . These proteins are essential for maintaining tissue moisture , elasticity , and tone , all which contribute to healthy firm skin and resistance to […]

Dr.Shiffman Discusses Smoothlase and Liplase

Please watch our Youtube video where Dr.Shiffman discusses non-surgical facial rejuvenation “Smoothlase” and Non-surgical lip enhancement and rejuvenation “Liplase”  .All using gentle laser light energy, no injections, fillers or toxins.

Snore less with Nightlase and have a healthier life!

Nightlase non-invasive treatment for treatment of snoring and improvement of sleep apnea. Painless laser treatment done in 2-3 30 minute sessions.