Dental Implants to Replace Lost or Loose Teeth

For many patients, a full denture might have seemed to be a good option to replace loose or damaged teeth.  But after several years, the bone support for the dentures starts to shrink and they become loose and uncomfortable.

Modern dental implants allow us to change those loose teeth and floppy dentures into fixed , natural feeling crowns and bridges .  these will allow you to chew, function and smile just like you did with your own natural teeth .

“All on 4 ” or 6 implant options will work for many people who may not have been candidates in the past.  Our state of the art Sirona 3D CT scan uses minimal radiation and gives us a 3-dimensional image of your jaw bones, allowing for comfortable long lasting restorations.  “Teeth in a day” type procedures are also available, as our digital scan technology speeds up the process.  The fact that we can handle these cases totally ” in house ” makes the treatment flow easier and more controlled.  Dr. Shiffman  has been placing and restoring implants since 1985  .  Make Dr. Shiffman’s  Boynton Laser Dental Center your dental office  implant xray panoPlease  call us for more information 561 737-6400

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