What to do about failing dental implants

Millions of dental implants have been placed all over the world .  Some dental implants do very well for many years and others do not .

Have you ever thought about why implants are lost or fail ?

There are many factors that lead to an implant failing and being lost . Some are these are related to the patients oral hygiene , some related to the bite on the implant and habits like clenching and grinding . Others are related to the bone quality and the position of placement and even the skill of the dentist placing them comes into play .

Preventing dental implant failure starts with exceptional oral hygiene, brushing and flossing . But if your implant becomes a problem , address it early so that  the chance of failure is minimized .  If the implant itself is lose and moving , the chance of saving it is small . If the gum around it is inflamed , it can be treated with antibiotics , antibacterial rinses and or laser treatment .

We have used the Fotona Lightwalker laser to treat implant disorders successfully  for many years  . In some cases the implant crown may need to be removed , and the implant treated to correct bone loss or regrow bone to stabilize it . Lasers are amazing tools for this as our Fotona Lightwalker laser can gently and successfully clean the implant , bone and gum tissues as no other can and allow the body to heal more naturally .

For the last 17 years Dr. Shiffman has been involved in laser dentistry and has pioneer many cutting edge laser procedures . Dr.Shiffman lectured on implants and lasers at the prestigious Academy of Laser Dentistry Conference in Arizona in 2017  . Feel free to contact our office at 561 737-6400 with any questions .

Dr.Shiffman’s Boynton LaserDental Center is conveniently located in Boynton Beach , Florida  close to Delray Beach , Wellington , Lake Worth , Boca Raton and Palm Beach .

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