Light Energy Based Holistic/ Green Dentistry

laser beam
For the last 13 years our Boynton Beach practice has been involved in laser dentistry.  Laser dentistry harnesses the gentle power of light energy to reduce pain, heal soft tissue infections , irritations and more.  Light energy enables natural healing of hard and soft tissues without medications or invasive surgeries in many cases.   Our practice has elected to be amalgam/mercury free or almost 20 years offering many alternative therapies and materials.

Laser dentistry allows the office to be much quieter, minimal use of anesthetic injections and provide conservative ,minimally invasive micro-dentistry with the aid of a microscope.  We have eliminated toxic surface disinfectants using materials that biodegrade naturally and have no deleterious effects to children or pregnant women.  Dr. Shiffman was instrumental in the development of Nightlase ™  laser therapy for snoring and sleep apnea and also Smoothlase™ natural facial rejuvenation and wrinkle reduction plus Liplase™ natual lip enhancement and rejuvenation without the injection of foreign or toxic materials.

Our practice has made a significant investment in time and education to make our environment healthier for our staff and our patients and have a minimal effect on our environment.  We use the newest low dosage digital xray equipment when necessary, so no chemicals or toxic metals are released into the environment.  Dr. Shiffman and his Boynton Beach based “Laser Dental Center” have made a significant effort to protect your health and well being while attending to the dental needs of your family.

We are the preeminent providers of Dental Laser services in South Florida located conveniently in west Boynton Beach, minutes away from major highways. Call us today 561 737-6400 for an appointment or more information. We should be your Boynton Beach Dentist!









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