Platelet Therapy L-PRF comes to Dentistry

Replacing a tooth with dental implants, or repairing damage from gum disease can be a challenging course of treatment for many patients. The solution to these and other types of dental pathology is a new Platelet Therapy created from your own blood. Leukocyte Platelet Rich fibrin know as L-PRF changes the way that we treat dental disease as it promotes healing and bone growth from within your own body. No artificial materials or chemicals are used. L-PRF uses only your own blood. With a simple in office blood draw and a highly advanced technology protocol, L-PRF is individually created for you – from you. The end results are improved healing response and significantly reduced healing time.

  • Small virtually painless blood sample
  • 100% natural – compatible with your body
  • No additives, chemicals or foreign materials
  • Simple and FDA cleared

The addition of this technology is another way that Dr.Shiffman and his staff at Boynton Laser Dental Center are continuously striving to improve your dental experience . We are conveniently located in Boynton Beach, Florida , easily accessible from major highways. We want to be your Boynton Beach dentist.

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