Laser tooth whitening

Dental whitening has been around for over 25 years and the professional products have been very successful  for many patients .In recent years there have been many over the counter (OTC) products introduced.  These products when used correctly can indeed “whiten” and “brighten” teeth.   The recent advent of “Touchwhite” laser whitening has really rocked the dental world.  Touchwhite uses gentle laser light energy to “micro heat” the typical whitening gels without heating up the teeth themselves ,with incredible results in less time.  Dr.Shiffman was the first dental practioner in the U.S. to use Touchwhite technology and has been instrumental in educating other dentists all across the U.S. and Canada.  Dr.Shiffman’s Boynton Beach based Laser Dental Center is committed to your dental experience.  No other office in Boynton Beach offers Touchwhite Laser whitening , or the extent of laser therapies .  You may be wondering why laser dentistry is important?  Lasers can make all dental therapies, more comfortable, are more minimally invasive and usually involve less  bleeding and swelling with surgical procedures.  Root canals, Gum surgeries and fillings can all be done with laser to your benefit.  Call us today to find out more .  We want Dr.Shiffman’s Boynton Beach Laser Dental Center to be your Boynton Beach dental office!

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