Saliva Diagnostic Testing

We presently have available to our patients saliva diagnostic DNA testing. One type of testing is for Periodontal disease , to test for the specific bacteria types that can cause Gum Disease .This greatly aids in our ability to treat it. The connection between oral disease and heart/ systemic disease is well documented at this time. We can also do saliva DNA testing for the HPV virus that causes Cervical cancer in women and oral cancer in both men and women. The role of HPV in cancers of the head and neck in unquestioned, HPV is now known to be an independent risk factor for oral and throat cancers. you should be tested if you have traditional risk factors for oral cancer, if you are sexually active, have a family history of oral cancer, have signs or symptoms of oral cancer or a suspicious oral lesion. More information is available at our office, Boynton Laser Dental Center in Boynton Beach, Florida. telephone 561 737 6400 or by visiting or

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