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Revolutionizing Gum Disease Treatment: The Power of Laser in Osseous Surgery

Gum disease, a prevalent dental concern, often requires intervention to prevent further complications. Traditional treatments can be invasive and induce anxiety in patients, but there’s a transformative solution — laser dentistry. Under the expertise of Dr. Shiffman at Boynton Laser Dental & Wellness Center, osseous surgery using lasers is revolutionizing gum disease treatment, offering precision, […]

Rejuvenation ,Anti-Aging and the Oral Connection

Most of the “Baby Boomer” generation is concerned with improving their health and living a longer healthier life. We have been bombarded with pollution, chemical additives , genetically modified foods , pesticides and more. One of the main deficiencies of the diet in industrialized nations is the lack of dietary fiber.   The main excess is […]

Saliva Diagnostic Testing

We presently have available to our patients saliva diagnostic DNA testing. One type of testing is for Periodontal disease , to test for the specific bacteria types that can cause Gum Disease .This greatly aids in our ability to treat it. The connection between oral disease and heart/ systemic disease is well documented at this […]