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Happy 20th anniversary to Melissa our office manager.

Congratulations to Melissa on 20 years and why we feel our Boynton Beach based Laser Dental Center is the location for your dental and aesthetic care.

Dental Implant Opportunities

Fall 2015 we have developed a special fee structure for complete dental implants including abutment and crown restoration. Located in Boynton Beach , Florida

Update on Dental Laser at Boynton Dental Laser center

Dr.Harvey Shiffman has been practicing dentistry since 1984 and has been  a Cosmetic Laser Dentist for the last seven years.  Technology has been steadily improving in this field, and Dr.Shiffman has stayed up to date with extensive continuing education through the Academy of Laser Dentistry, of which he is attaining Fellowship status , the Montana […]

The newest studies and research support the risks of tongue and oral piercings.

Recent evidence of severe infections, fatalities and septic shock have added to the mountains of reports of the detrimental affects of tongue and oral piercings. Studies published from the University of Buffalo, and the University of Brazil support these findings. The American Dental association has published a position statement as follows: Oral piercings, which involve […]