Physical Attractiveness and Dental Lasers

One of the fastest growing industries in the world is facial esthetics .  


 In 1985 Dr.Gordon Patzer published the “Physical Attractiveness Phenomena “   defined as “the collective realities of Physical Attractiveness – tends to be complex , powerful and pervasive , discomforting and seminal unfair , and despite different  notions of physical attractiveness , transcends culture , time and geography .  Not sparing anyone or anything living or non-living.”   “What you look like or , more importantly , how your looks are perceived by others and by yourself shapes your life in dozens of subtle  and not so subtle ways from cradle to grave. “ 

Physical attractiveness is defined as “how pleasing someone or something looks , is an esthetic with its amount determined by tangible and intangible factors , objective and subjective . “  Despite the complexity of physical attractiveness , scientific research documents  that :

Yes ,beauty might be in the eye of the beholder, but beholders mostly agree/

Yes beauty may be skin deep , but its effects run far deeper .

Yes , a long standing cliche advocates not to judge a book by its cover , but people do judge books by their covers ( as well as people by their appearances , especially by their physical attractiveness).

And , Yes “appearance “ or “looks” of a person communicates numerous dimensions: generally , gender , age , race, level of physical attractiveness , socio-economic status, health , and so forth . 

However , physical attractiveness , whether high , moderate, or low , dominates as the most impactful dimension of appearance . 

Dr. Patzer states that the “components of the face do not contribute equally to the evaluation of physical attractiveness . There is a hierarchy , in that some components are of greater importance .  The 5 dominant factors of which  all are facial components “  

These  components in order of priority are Teeth , Smile , LIPS , Eyes and Nose . 


Erbium Yag and Neodymium Yag are two of the most researched  wavelengths in medicine and dentistry .  Both of these wavelengths are found in our Fotona Lightwalker laser . Smoothlase  uses  the photothermal  capabilities of the Erbium and Neodymium lasers to convert and initiate the formation of new   collagen in mucosal tissues and supporting tissues of the face and lips . 

Indications : For patients with age and life style related loss of facial volume , elasticity and dryness all caused by loss of collagen . Also as a preventative therapy to maintain “young collagen “ . Patients who do not want surgical intervention or artificial materials injected .  

What happens when we hand a mirror to our patients to view the results of  our dental restorations, they immediately check their hair and facial wrinkles and sagging ..

Facial aesthetics are a concern for most of our dental patients . We can provide beautiful , functional dental reconstructions and the patient still has facial loss of tone , wrinkles ,  lip imbalances and loss of elasticity . 

The Smoothlase group of  intraoral laser rejuvenating procedures , use both of these same  wavelengths  to tighten skin , improve elasticity , skin tone and texture in a minimally invasive manner all from inside the mouth ., with no down time . Liplase can rejuvenate , plump, define and balance the lips without injections or artificial materials, stimulating the patients own collagen  .  

These procedures are fully within the scope of dental practice and are able to give out patients the “finishing” treatments needed and desired . 

About 2 years ago we released the “Dr.Acula’s Facial “ which combines extra-oral laser “Micro-Needling “ with PRF used as a mask .  The laser penetrates and creates micro channels from 0.5 – 1 mm into the skin when the pulsing is varied with the Fotona Erbium YAG laser .  Once the skin is lasered  a mask of  liquid PRF is applied and the patient leaves with the mask . Typically 2-3 treatments are necessary for the desired result.  As compared to traditional micro-needling the laser also stimulates new collagen formation and tightening of existing collagen to contribute to facial rejuvenation and improved elasticity , minimizing surface lines ,wrinkles and sagging , along with improved moisture and color of the skin. 

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