Airway Centric Dentistry

Airway Centric Dentistry is a relatively new , and not many people know much about it . We believe that a lot of our medical and dental problems stem from issues related to airway and breathing .
Our airway has a direct impact on our health and growth and development of our entire body.
Airway Dentistry looks beyond the teeth , to the throat , nose , orofacial muscles and the entire body to address breathing, snoring and sleep apnea as early as the first years of life .!

Those who suffer from sleep apnea and sleep disordered breathing often can be found to have an obstructed airway . An obstructed airway prevents the proper flow of air into the lungs , which can deprive the body and brain of the oxygen it needs .

Airway Dentistry looks at what factors are leading to sleep problems , such as how we breath ( mouth or nose) , the bite, shape of the palate , malocclusion , jaw structure either because of genetics or early habits such as finger sucking , tongue posture , head and neck posture and so much more.

What may begin as mouth breathing , can affect facial growth and development of the face , lead into sleep disorders and even chronic health conditions . This is why it is so important to address these things in our children and grandchildren while they are young . We use an airway centric approach to treating our child and adult patients .

Prevention if the key . Addressing airway disorders both during waking hours and during sleep as early as possible is crucial for healthy growth and development .

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