Why Laser Dentistry ?

One of the reasons that we love using lasers for our patients treatments (for the last 16 years ) , is that laser dentistry is a naturally holistic approach to health care. All of our biological systems are improved , not just the areas around teeth , gums and implants . There is less discomfort from laser treatments , so less anesthetics are needed . Laser dentistry results in minimal trauma so less pain medications are necessary. Lasers naturally disinfect hard and soft tissues so a reduced need of antibiotics are common. Healing is also boosted by the gentle light energy penetrating into the tissues , reducing inflammation , pain and swelling .  We use lasers in our practice for fillings , minimally invasive gum surgeries , root canals , soft and hard  tissue surgeries , non-surgical treatment of snoring and sleep apnea , facial rejuvenation and aesthetics , TMJ and facial pain  and so much more . . Call us with any questions that you may have .
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