CBS 12 Interviewing Dr.Shiffman on the NIGHTLASE procedure April 28, 2016

Dr.Shiffman was interviewed by Lynda Figueredo

from CBS 12  on April 28th 2016 . The interview was related to the “NIGHTLASE” snoring and sleep apnea procedure . Dr.Shiffman was the first provider to be trained in the Nightlase procedure in the U.S. and has been providing this therapy to his patients since 2012 . Nightlase is a non-surgical alternative therapy to CPAP and Dental devices.  Nightlase is virtually painless and lasts anywhere from 6-12 months and be “touched up” in one easy appointment.  Nightlase provides 24 hour a day improvements in breathing and is not effected by compliance to any device. Call us at 561 737 6400 for an appointment or for any questions.

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