A Dentist can save my life?

A dentist can save my life? Really – my dentist?
It does seem unconventional that your dentist could help you get a good night’s sleep. Unconventional – sure. True – you bet! The most common obstacle in preventing a healthy night sleep, is breathing cessation. For periods of time throughout the night (lasting seconds to minutes), you stop breathing. This is due to a collapsed, blocked or restricted airway.

An analysis by your dentist can determine if your sleeping disorder is caused by snoring, sleep apnea or insomnia. These are all very real and treatable conditions that all have a huge impact on the quality of your sleep. Additionally, many medications you are taking have a profound effect on the quantity and quality of sleep you are getting.

Dr. Harvey Shiffman is trained to recognize and assess each of these conditions. Furthermore, he is completely devoted to understanding your symptoms and presenting you with alternatives – and results. He understands both the physical and emotional consequences a sleeping disorder plays in your life and he can help you find relief or eliminate your problem all together.

Sleep deprivation takes a huge toll on the overall quality of your life. You are arguably and obviously tired and cranky, but the emotional toll begins to become evident. The simplest tasks are difficult to concentrate on, you are increasingly irritable and your negativity affects your relationships with your family and friends.

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