Smoothlase , easy ,comfortable non-surgical laser facial rejuvenation

In 2012 Dr. Shiffman started the development of the Smoothlase procedure. The objective was to create a non-surgical alternative to the most common surgical procedures to address loose sagging, wrinkled skin. In 2014 Dr.Shiffman received a U.S.Federal trademark on the Smoothlase procedure. The treatment is virtually painless and each session takes about 40 minutes. We can treat from the lower eyelids to the sagging skin on the jawline or jowls . The entire treatment is done from inside the mouth, so there are no outward signs such as reddness, pealing or swelling.  Smoothlase is an excellent preventative procedure which helps maintain young ,healthy, elastic collagen without the injection of toxins or artificial fillers.  We are in development of an extention of this procedure to tighten the skin on the neck.  Dr.Harvey Shiffman is on the cutting edge of new dental/ aesthetic laser procedures and is considered a “key opinion leader” in the field.  Dr.Shiffman has lectured internationally on this and other laser topics.

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