Support of Oral, Head and Neck Cancer Awareness month

We are winding down our free oral, head and neck cancer screening event, and have provided these services to many people who had not had a comprehensive oral cancer screening using the Velscope oral cancer screening device. The Velscope allows us to see tissue changes many years before they are visible to the naked eye and routine screening protocol. The importance of this is that we can locate early lesions and make the appropriate referrals for our patients for treatment before something becomes life threatening. Oral cancer screenings save lives. The significant increase in oral cancers because of the HPV virus makes this even more important for patients of all ages. Anyone who is sexually active can potentially get exposed to the HPV virus and should get tested. Testing is very simple using the OralDNA testing procedure which is based on saliva. We have offered this service to our patients for over a year now and nominal cost and is even covered by many health insurance plan.

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