Low Level Lasers in Dentistry

Low level laser therapy or “photobiomodulation” is the application of laser light over injuries and lesions to stimulate healing within those tissues.  Lasers are best know for their ability to cut, but do not confuse low level lasers with cutting or high powered lasers.  Low level lasers, under various names such as cold laser,soft laser and others have been used for over 30 years in many countries and are becoming much more common in the United States, as they rapidly gain acceptance by the medical and health care communitys.  Over 2500 clinical research studies from all over the world, the U.S. included have shown that low level laser therapy can be an aid in reducing pain, inflammation, releasing tight muscles as in TMJ and related disorders.  It is also beneficial in enhancing lymphatic drainage, is antiviral and antifungal, increases cellular energy and stimulates healing enzyme release.  Here at Boynton Laser Dental Center ,we have been using low level laser therapy for over  five years successfully treating TMJ, Myofacial pain, headaches, post operative pain after surgery and root canals and to aid in the healing of viral lesions such as Herpes.

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