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Heat, vibration and pressure are the primary causes of pain associated with the use of the traditional dental drill. Since laser dentistry for both hard and soft tissues (teeth and gums) does not generate heat, vibration or pressure, many dental procedures can be performed with fewer shots, less need for anesthesia, less use of the drill and fewer numb lips! In many gum procedures, laser dentistry reduces bleeding, post-operative pain, swelling and the need for pain medication.


Dr. Shiffman is able to remove decay in tooth enamel (the hardest substance in the body), as well as excess bone and gum tissue precisely while leaving surrounding areas unaffected. This conserves healthy tooth structure.


The dental drill can cause hairline cracks and fractures in teeth that may lead to future dental problems. Dr. Shiffman performs laser dentistry which minimizes trauma, reducing damage to healthy portions of your tooth.


Laser dentistry cavity preparations can increase bond strength of tooth-colored restorations, resulting in longer lasting fillings.


Due to its conservative, gentle cutting action and coagulating capabilities, Dr. Shiffman performs many gum procedures with little or no bleeding and less swelling after your procedure.


Since you often do not need shots or anesthesia, Dr. Shiffman can perform cavity preparations in all areas of the mouth in just one visit. This technology also gives the Dr. Shiffman, the Boynton Beach dentist, the ability to perform many procedures that were previously referred to specialists.


Laser dentistry is extremely versatile. It can be used for a wide range of hard and soft tissue procedures – from decay removal and cavity preparation to root canals, smile design, surgical procedures on gum and bone, and many others. Since your Boynton Beach dentist can perform a wider range of procedures you may be able to avoid an additional trip to a specialist, saving you valuable time.
For your comfort and convenience,Boynton Laser Dental Center uses laser assisted periodontal therapy to treat gum disease without uncomfortable cutting or sutures.

Dr. Shiffman cures infected gums in a single office visit by utilizing the industry’s only proven multi wavelength laser treatment. Laser dentistry quickly and painlessly removes dangerous toxins that lead to bone deterioration, while simultaneously promoting the growth of healthy gum tissue.
Here’s how it works:

Laser assisted periodontal therapy is regarded for its comfort, but a local anesthetic is applied to ensure absolutely no pain is felt during the procedure. A general anesthetic isn’t necessary.
A small laser fiber, about the size of a thin hair brush bristle is placed in the pocket between the gum and tooth to eliminate bad bacteria and diseased gum tissue. The healthy tissue is left unharmed, and the pocket is cleared for further cleaning.
A second laser wavelenth uses a thin laser quartz rod , which creates a photo-accoustic wave to gently break apart tartar and calcium deposits on the tooth’s roots along with de-toxifying the root surfaces.
The laser fiber returns to reach the bottom of the pocket and remove harmful toxins and bacteria while sterilizing the bone and tissue. This action elicits blood clotting. The clots contain fibers that will support the reattachment of the tissue to the bone and foster the regrowth of lost tissues.

Gums that were once diseased are restored to health without cutting, scaling, stitches, or pain. Laser assisted periodontal therapy is remarkably powerful and effective, yet gentle. Unlike traditional periodontal treatments, which employ sharp tools to cut away affected tissue, laser assisted periodontal therapy keeps your gums intact and allows you to remain comfortable throughout the entire procedure and afterwards.

If your gums are tender, inflamed, bleeding, or receding from the tooth, it’s likely you have gum disease. It’s important to promptly seek treatment since gum disease contributes to cardiovascular issues, diabetes, stroke, and low birth weight in pregnant women. Gums anchor the teeth, so acceptable periodontal health promotes oral health, too. Dr.Shiffman and his Boynton Laser Dental Center located in Palm Beach ,Florida are committed to keeping up with the latest advances in Dental Laser therapy to help maintain your health and well being.

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