Usually a patient will be gives a temporary set of dentures for a few months while the permanent ones are molded. Partial dentures are used when some teeth remain. Complete dentures are for people who have no teeth at all.

Complete Dentures

There are two main types of these permanent dentures. Conventional dentures aren’t put in until about three months after the teeth have been removed. Immediate dentures can go in right away. Immediate dentures are actually made prior to removal and they are used so that the patient won’t have to go for a few months without any teeth. Immediate dentures are only temporary and not meant for long term use.

Partial Dentures

Also known as a “bridge,” these replacement teeth are usually attached to a plastic base that looks like your gums. Sometimes they will have a metal frame to help keep them in place. These dentures place a crown on the teeth that remain that fills in the gaps with artificial teeth and then it is cemented into place. The partial dentures serve to fill in gaps and to keep the real teeth in their right position.

Alternatives to Dentures

Some people opt for dental implants, but they are costly. Dentures are covered by most insurance providers. You should check with Dr. Shiffman at the Boynton Laser Dental Center to see if you are a candidate.

Getting Dentures

You will have a few dental visits as you go through the process. The dentist will take measurements and make impressions of the shape of your mouth. Then they will create a model in the exact shape of your mouth. You will have to try these molds on until the fit is perfect. Then, the denture is cast and a few final adjustments will end the process.

Living With Dentures

Most people who get dentures say that they feel loose for a month or so. The muscles in your mouth will need to be trained to keep the dentures in place and it might take a little time for you to get the hang of putting them in and taking them out. In the beginning, you might have more saliva or drool flowing until your mouth becomes accustomed to the dentures.

How Do Dentures Look?

The dentures are made to look exactly like your original teeth. Not only do they look real, but generally they give a big boost to your appearance.

Eating With Dentures

You will need some time to get the hang of eating with dentures. It might take a few weeks. It is is recommended that you consume soft foods that are cut into small chunks. As you become comfortable with your dentures, you can start eating normal foods. You’ll need to be careful when consuming hot food and shells. You will need to avoid sticky things like gum. Toothpicks can also ruin dentures, so avoid them as well.

Talking With Dentures

Certain words might be tough to pronounce once you get your dentures in. Over time you will learn all the tricks to speaking and you won’t have pronunciation problems for long. They might slip if you laugh or sneeze. You can put them back into position by biting down on them. In general, any kind of persistent looseness or slippage might merit a call to the dentist.

Do You Wear Dentures All the Time?

Each case is different. Your dentist will tell you how long you should wear them and when it is all right to remove them. Generally during the first few days you will need to wear them all the time, even when sleeping. This is done to make sure that the fit is right and to get you used to having them in your mouth. Once that period is over, you usually don’t wear dentures while you sleep.

Denture Adhesives

Denture adhesives are nice because they keep the dentures in place. Adhesives help those with dry mouth and are a necessity for those who do some kind of work where they speak a lot. Adhesives should not be used as a fix for dentures that don’t fit right. If you use adhesives, you need to keep up with your dental appointments. Over time, the adhesive will change the shape of your gums and adjustments will be needed. Also keep in mind that some people are allergic to the adhesives.

Ready To Get Dentures?

Now that you’ve read how dentures work, you can decide whether or not they are what you need. Book an appointment at the Boynton Laser Dental Center, the most comfortable and advanced dental center in the region. Our staff uses state of the art technology to ensure that your dentures are a perfect fit!