Boynton Beach Dental Bridges

Dental Bridges in Boynton Beach, Florida

Missing teeth can make many people feel badly about themselves. Tooth loss, however, isn’t at all an uncommon or unusual issue. That’s why missing teeth are a big problem for so many people all around the world. If you’re part of the category of people with missing teeth, you don’t have to be unhappy for long. You can thank dental bridges for that. These bridges are exactly what they sound like. They’re actual bridges that connect openings that appear due to missing teeth. A dental bridge can be useful if you have a single missing tooth. It can be useful for multiple missing teeth as well. Dental bridges consist of at least two crowns and pontics, which are false teeth. Their foundations are either implants or normal teeth.

Dental Bridges and Boynton Beach, Florida Locals

If you have missing teeth in Boynton Beach, Florida, dental bridges may pique your interest in some way. We have good news for you, too. Boynton Laser Dental Center is a trusted dental practice located on Jog Road in the city. We offer Boynton Beach locals fine dental bridge treatment here. Our office doesn’t only concentrate on dental bridges, either. Some of our many other specialties are dental implants, teeth whitening, laser dentistry, restorative dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ) management, preventive dentistry and sleep apnea. If you need professional assistance with missing teeth, discoloration, cavities, nonstop snoring at night or anything else along those lines, you can count fully on our prominent practice.

The Plentiful Advantages of Dental Bridges

Our dental bridges can do a lot for our valued patients. If you don’t like the appearance of your smile, dental bridges may be able to provide you with the gift of enhanced self-esteem. These bridges can give you the lovely and “complete” smile you’ve always desired. They can help keep your face shape looking just as it always did. They can stop your existing teeth from changing locations. They can help you talk and chew food correctly as well. The perks of dental bridges are undoubtedly plentiful. If you’re someone who is fed up with a bite that just feels unusual and uncomfortable, getting dental veneers may be able to make eating a significantly more smooth and pleasant experience for you every day.

Dental Bridge Guidance Offered

Boynton Beach Laser Dental Center is a dental practice that has a reputation for excellent and attentive care. Our office is run by Dr. Harvey Shiffman, a dental expert who attended the Georgetown University School of Dentistry. Dr. Shiffman is a talented professional who has been hard at work as a local dentist since the 1980s. He’s a seasoned laser dentistry aficionado who focuses on providing his patients with the most modern and in-depth treatments available. If you want additional information about dental bridges and what they can do for your smile, there’s no question that you can trust Dr. Shiffman and his courteous and diligent team members. If you have specific questions about dental bridges, the team at Boynton Beach Laser Dental Center can give you answers that are both reliable and accurate. We can tell you about the common lifespans of dental bridges. These bridges often last for upward of 15 years. They sometimes last even longer than that, too. If you make a point to visit the dentist for checkups on a frequent basis, your dental bridges should work well for quite a long time. It’s also critical for patients to maintain strong oral hygiene routines. People who want to receive details about dental bridges can always rely on the amazing professionals here at Boynton Beach Laser Center. We can even educate you regarding appropriate dental bridge upkeep requirements.

The Dental Bridge Process

Patients generally have to visit our office a minimum of two times for dental bridge treatments. They frequently have to visit us more than that, too. If you decide that you want a dental bridge, your first appointment will likely involve teeth preparation. We may use temporary crowns to protect your teeth. We might make teeth impressions for you as well. We’ll provide you with your bridge during a later appointment. The dental bridge process tends to be relatively straightforward and simple. It should be nothing that causes patients any frustration or discomfort at all.

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