Treating Children

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Our objective is to have healthy, happy young patients grow up with the knowledge and hygiene techniques to help maintain their oral health for their entire lives. Many young children present without issues; however, thorough screening may help identify early potential problems and correct them before any harm can occur. For example a young patient presenting with delayed speech may have a tongue-tie that could easily be corrected with a simple procedure.

It is never too early to bring your child and we always encourage questions! We have a unique opportunity with younger patients to help desensitize them to the dental environment and help shape their future experiences with their oral health. Fear and anxiety in the dental office is often too common. These fears can be learned indirectly from parents or siblings or directly from an unpleasant past experience. While there are techniques to help unlearn these fears, the goal is prevent them before they are established.

We understand all children have unique needs and we work hard to give them the individual attention they deserve. Through the use of our dental lasers we are able to perform a wide variety of procedures while keeping our patients comfortable without the traditional injection and sounds of the dental drill.

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