Smoothlase, Facial wrinkle and skin tone rejuvenation and wrinkle prevention treatment.

Our proprietary natural looking”SMOOTHLASE” treatment of facial wrinkle reduction, skin tone rejuvenation and wrinkle prevention was recently awarded a “Trademarked” status by the U.S. federal government . Cosmetic Smoothlase treatment is all done intra-orally (in the mouth ) so there is no redness, peeling or swelling. The treatment is virtually painless. Smoothlase consists of three 30 minute appointments, each 2 weeks apart and the results last from 6-12 months. Smoothlase treatment causes a conversion of collagen in the tissue to a younger more resilient type. Dr. Shiffman and his Boynton Laser Dental Center are always on the forefront of new laser and dental technology to help maintain and improve our patients health and well being. We strive to be your Boynton ,Delray and Palm Beach dentist. Call us at 561 737 6400, we won’t tell your neighbors!
smooth skin

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