Partial Dentures

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures or partials are an excellent solution for a number of problems. They are good for bridging the gap for people who have lost teeth in accidents, fights or situations in which too much decay was present to salvage a tooth. Some people refer to partial dentures as bridges because of their main function. A specialist can speak with a prospective patient about the best options for him or her concerning covering up a space that is in between the teeth. The patient may want a quick solution instead of waiting for weeks or months for treatment. Alternatively, the person may want to preserve the most of his or her teeth instead of giving them up. The dentist can recommend a different solution if that is the case.

The Benefits of Getting Partial Dentures

Many benefits exist to getting partial dentures for one’s mouth. One of the biggest benefits to getting such appliances is that they improve the cosmetic appearance. An improved appearance can boost a person’s self-esteem and confidence. Partials can also help maintain the face’s shape and prevent tooth shifting that can cause a distorted appearance. Many people choose to have partials put in their mouths after they have a tooth extracted because the decay is huge. A partial denture can be less expensive than a tooth-saving surgical procedure is. Therefore, some people choose the extraction and partial remedy in place of the expensive procedure because of budget constraints.

What Materials Are Partials Made Of?

Partial dentures are usually crafted of a plastic or acrylic material, and they have metal framework. The metal framework connects the partial denture to the two teeth that are next to it. Various types of partial dentures exist, and one of them is a “flipper” type. The flipper type of partial is the most basic type, and it is the least expensive type. The flipper is crafted of inexpensive plastic. The patient can remove it at any time, and it is usually flimsy and lightweight. The benefit of asking for a flipper is that the patient can usually receive one the same day that he or she visits the dentist. A flipper is suitable for a person who has to return to a customer-facing position or profession.

The Process of Getting Partial Dentures

The process of getting partial dentures begins with an examination and a long consultation with with a professional. The first step is concluding whether or not partial dentures are the right choice for the person. the specialist will need to fit the patient for the partial dentures, which means that he or she will have to get a mold taken of the mouth. Specialists usually perform the molding process before they extract teeth just to get a truly accurate mold. Patients who have missing teeth do not have that option.

The molding process does not take long, but it can be a bit uncomfortable for those who are sensitive to cold temperatures. The patient has to bite down on a tray that contains a cold and gooey substance. The dentist allows that to harden and then sends it to the lab so that a technician can create a perfectly fitting partial. Talented lab technicians use state-of-the-art technology and their creative intuition to develop partials that will stand the test of time and preserve the integrity of the patient’s smile.

The time that it takes for the partials to come in depends on the setup of the dental facility. Some dentists have their labs in the same building. Some deal with labs that are in the same city. Then there are some dentists who have long-distance labs. Same-day partials are available for patients when the dental lab is nearby. Other partials may take approximately three to seven days to get back to the dental office.

The dentist will conduct some adjustments once the partial comes in, and the patient returns for it. He or she will ensure that patient has a perfect fit before that person leaves the facility.

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